It's been many years at this point, and I just wanted to let you know that the relationship I have with you and your firm is something that I tremendously value. The word "trust" is not one that I use lightly, but I have to say that "trust" is exactly the right word to describe my experience of the relationship with you. I trust that you are on top of fast-changing laws and their attendant risks and opportunities for me and my family; I trust that you are personally paying attention to my needs and asking critical questions before advising me or signing off on returns; I trust that you are paying attention not only to my tax needs but to the broader financial and investment opportunity and risk in which taxes play a vital part; and I really, really trust that you have my family's needs and future at the center of all of that.

So thank you, this year and every year, for what you do, and for the trust that makes managing the financial part of my busy, crazy life something that I don't have to worry about. With much respect and gratitude,


We have been working with Lillian for over a year and have found Lillian to be very responsive and caring with her customers. More than a knowledgeable accountant she has been a tutor helping us understand our personal tax returns and responding to all our inquiries in a timely manner. We expect to enjoy many more years of her quality and informed services.

Kelvis and Lucy

I have been totally satisfied with one of your accountants. Words cannot describe the professionalism, the knowledge, the willingness to help and I could go on and on describing the work attitude of Mrs. Marcie Coury.


Lillian and her crew are amazing. She's the first person to give me confidence ...that my taxes (complicated by a same-sex marriage and ridiculous tax laws) are being done correctly and has gotten me back a ton of money for prior tax years when I had yet to avail myself of her services. She's responsive and eminently competent and I couldn't recommend her more.


We have the best accountant and staff!

Ivy and Heidi 

We are extremely grateful to Gonzalez and Associates P.C. for their sponsorship of our 6th annual Transgender Lives Conference!

Glenn K.

The office seems like a wonderful place to work... beautiful space, friendly environment and uplifting energy fills the rooms. The yellow flowers right as I entered the office were refreshing. May the rest of your time helping clients through this annual process bring you a deep sense of satisfaction about the importance and value of your skills and the way you interact with the folks you serve.

Frances K. 

I cannot thank you enough for the advice you gave me about a family member’s overdue tax returns. Because he was suffering from dementia, he neglected to file taxes for two years. He was charged interest on the unpaid tax and also hit with high penalty charges. You advised me to write to the IRS and include a physician’s statement about my family member’s medical condition. I did so and the IRS reduced both the interest and the penalty by over $1000. Your expertise and sound advice helped tremendously. Thank you! I have the utmost confidence in you and your staff. You take away all of my tax time angst!


Thank you so much for your careful analysis of my return. I deeply appreciate the effort you made on my behalf.


I've worked with Lillian for about 7 years, and my father has worked with her for many more than that. She's knowledgeable and extremely good at translating accounting-speak to layman's terms and practical advice. I highly recommend her!


I wouldn't work with anyone else! Gonzalez and Associates have been helping me with taxes and planning for almost 20 years. This group is highly professional, efficient, and responsive to questions.

Elizabeth S.

I want to pass along how much I respect your ongoing integrity and service - and for this celebratory honoring of the women who work with you. You consistently model vision, values and behavior that inspire and encourage women forward from wherever they stand. Thank you.

 Fran K.

Thank you and your staff for the amazing work that you do. The annual income tax report is becoming more monstrous and inscrutable and incomprehensible with each passing year and its complexity has put it far out of reach of the ordinary citizen. Gonzalez and Associates are the kind of indispensable experts without which this civic duty would be an overwhelming impossibility. And if... that weren't enough, you all are just so darned nice! And incredibly responsive and helpful and, in the midst of this insanity, cheerful and upbeat! So a huge tip of the hat to you and the team. Barbara was patient and kind and on several occasions came to my rescue with good humor. And Karen Melo has also been extraordinarily attentive and helpful. Again, thank you.

 Joan S.

Another year, another tax period. Once again, Gonzalez and Associates has proven to be the best in their industry. This group is comprised of hard-working, honest and ethical professionals. With Lillian at the helm, our tax filing process was as smooth and painless as can be. She is a compassionate and wonderful person who clearly enjoys her work and goes the extra mile for her clients.

Gonzalez and Associates, P.C. we thank you and look forward to working with you for years to come.

The Harris Family 

Lillian Gonzalez, CPA, MST, CSEP, CSRP, ADPA, CDFA