Accessing Your Electronic Organizer

The organizers we will be transmitting through SafeSend will go out automatically to all clients around January 1st. They are fillable, which has been a frequent client request over the years, and will be accessible through a secure link which will be sent to your email inbox. Do be advised, we will be making electronic organizers our default transmittal method starting in 2024, so if you do not wish to receive your organizer electronically, please notify our administrator, Seol, at before the end of the current year and we will be happy to send you a paper copy.

While the process to access your organizer is similar to that undertaken to review your electronic tax return, there are some additional steps that are important to be aware of. Once the organizer has been sent to you, you will receive an email from us (the email listed in your inbox will appear as either or informing you that it is ready to be filled out.

  1. Click the safe link in the body of the email to access your organizer
  2. Enter the last four digits of your SSN when prompted
  3. You will be prompted to request an access code, which can be done by clicking the “Request Access Code” button
  4. Enter the access code (it will be sent to the inbox of your listed contact email address)
  5. You will be redirected to the organizer dashboard, which should feature three buttons (“Engagement Letter”, “Client Organizer”, and “Upload Documents”). Click on the “Engagement Letter” button first
  6. Sign the engagement letter
  7. Click “Complete”
  8. Once redirected to the organizer dashboard, click on the “Client Organizer” button
  9. Fill out the organizer*
  10. Once redirected, click on the “Upload Documents” button
  11. Attach any and all PDFs you wish to transmit, and then click “Send”

*: If you are married, both you and your spouse will receive an email notification that your organizer is ready to be filled out. In order to complete this process, you will both need to access the electronic organizer through your individual email addresses. Although you cannot do this simultaneously, we do recommend filling them out either in the same sitting, or in as condensed a time-frame as possible.

With the “save updates” feature, you can fill the organizer out at your leisure; chances are you won’t have all of your tax documentation gathered by the time you receive the organizer, and it might be preferable to complete it in multiple sittings. But do be advised: our office will receive a notification that your organizer has been completed only once you have clicked the “Send” button, so please be sure to do so when you are finished.

One other important thing to note with regards to uploading documents; there is a feature within the program that allows you to attach PDF documents to certain organizer pages. HOWEVER, not all pages, some of which will have corresponding paper documentation, allow for document attachment. You can absolutely attach PDF documents to their corresponding organizer pages if they have them, but for PDFs that do not have corresponding pages with this feature, make sure to include them in the “Upload Documents” section after you’ve completed the organizer. It may be more efficient to upload in this section rather than through the organizer.

For our visual learners, below is a brief SafeSend tutorial video demonstrating how to access and fill out your electronic organizer.

If you encounter any issues during this process, and require additional assistance beyond what the guide and video can provide, we do offer screenshare assistance upon request.

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