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As technology becomes more and more innovative, we want to make sure our firm is innovating as well. One of the ways we’ve been seeking to do that is by digitizing as much of the tax preparation process as possible, thereby making it easy for our clients to send and receive tax documents without ever having to leave home. That has led us to engage with SafeSend™, a company that provides a suite of programs specialized in secure electronic tax document delivery, and which we hope will help simplify the transmittal process for clients.

We’ve pulled together some step-by-step guides, as well as some brief video tutorials, for how the process will work.

We hope these resources will make using the SafeSend™ programs easier to navigate when tax season arrives, but if for any reason you experience issues not covered here, please reach out to our office by phone and our staff will do their best to assist.

One thing we would ask of all clients: if your email address or phone number have changed in the past calendar year, please make sure to confirm that change with our office administrator, Seol. Organizers and returns will be electronically transmitted to the email address we have on file, and some security questions may ask for your most recent telephone number, and to avoid any hitches, we will want that information to be up-to-date.

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