Transmitting Documents

You can send your tax documents electronically by accessing our SafeSend drop-off link, located next to the padlock icon on our website’s taskbar.

  1. Once redirected to our firm’s SafeSend page, enter your name and email address
  2. Choose “Gonzalez and Associates Administrator” (default) as recipient. Please do not send your tax packets directly to staff members unless you have been prompted by them to do so. ONLY transmit your documents to “Gonzalez and Associates Administrator”
  3. Enter a subject in the subject line to provide us with any information you may think is relevant to your tax situation in the current year, or to alert us to any time-sensitive considerations we’ll need to take into account
  4. Attach PDFs (either individually or in bulk)
  5. Click “Send”
  6. SafeSend will prompt you that a one-time, expiring access code has been sent to your email address (the one entered in the contact information—so do make sure to include the right one)
  7. Enter the access code and click “Confirm”

Once your documents have been received and processed by us, you should receive an email confirming your documents have been downloaded. If you don’t receive an email from us within one week of transmitting, please reach out to us at our office number so we can verify receipt.

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